Mouth ulcer – an open wound in an oral cavity. Two common types of an ulcer of a mouth – ящурные ulcers (an ulcer wound) and herpes (called by a virus of herpes simple).

Types of oral ulcers are various, with set of the associated reasons, switching on: a physical or chemical trauma, an infection from microorganisms or viruses, medical conditions or medicines, malignant and sometimes indefinite processes. After generated, the ulcer can be supported an inflammation and-or a secondary infection.


The symptoms previous an ulcer, can vary according to the reason of ulcerative process.

A few oral ulcers can start with a sharp venomous or shining sensation on a site of the future ulcer of a mouth. In some days they progress often to generate red maculae or the blow accompanied by an open ulcer. Sometimes it is a beret little bit more longly, depending on the ulcer reason.

The oral ulcer appears as a white or yellow oval with the inflamed red boundary. Sometimes the white circle or an aura round a lesion can be observed. Grey, white, or the yellow colour area within red boundary occurs because of creation of levels of fibrin, the fiber involved in coagulation of blood. To an ulcer which immediately is often extremely painful, especially when worries, the painful swelling of lymph nodes below a jaw which can be accepted for a dentagra can accompany.

The reasons

There are many processes which can lead to an ulceration of oral tissues. In some cases they are called by excessive response by own immune system of a body.

Factors which, apparently, call mouth ulcers, switch on power, weariness, illness, a wound from infringement of accidentals, hormonal changes, a menses, sudden loss in weight, allergies of nutrition and inaccuracies in vitamin B12, iron and Acidum folicum.


The treatment grounded on antibiotics and steroids, is intended for serious cases, and should be used only under a medical supervision.

Some doctors can order also local sedative, such as lidocaine, for cases of multiple or serious oral ulcers.

Some people benefit from usage внебиржевого actual gel Bonjela which contains an Aether of Acidum salicylicum of a choline – an Aether of Acidum salicylicum of a choline – a local analgesic resource which helps to reduce a pain and an inflammation linked to oral ulcers.


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