The European Card of Insurance upon illnesses has substituted travel paper E111.

On December, 31st 2005, E111 has stopped to be correct. Since January, 1st 2006, you require the European Card of Insurance upon illnesses (EHIC) to receive public health services which becomes necessary during your visiting of country EEA or Switzerland.

In the majority of the countries round the world you should pay for processing, thus to travellers strictly advise to take out private insurance upon illnesses. The Great Britain has mutual agreements on public health services with some countries which gives the chance to travellers to receive free or cheap extreme care.

EHIC – a plateau which grants the right to the clamper on free, or reduced the density costs processing of the first help somewhere in the European Economic Area (EEA).

If you are ill or have an accident during trip to Europe, only represent the EHIC to hospital or the doctor who handles you. EHIC grants the right to you on the same processing as inhabitants of the country which you visit. Only the processing given according to the state circuit, is substituted.

Mark: EHIC not replacement for all-round insurance of travel.

Who has the right on EHIC?

Any character who usually is the inhabitant in the Great Britain, has the right on EHIC. However, you should be more than 16 years of age to be applied. Inhabitants of Channel Islands and Isle of Man have not the right.

All EEA (the European Economic Area) the countries should release the European Card of Insurance upon illnesses (EHIC) as replacement for form E111.


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